Winscribe Government Dictation System

With Winscribe digital dictation software, digital audio files can be stored right on your computer. They do not get accidentally erased, do not wear out and do not get easily lost or misplaced and sound quality is increased. Additionally, they can be instantly sent across a network around the world, decreasing your courier costs.

The Winscribe Solution for Government Organizations

Winscribe Network Dictation System for Government

For government organizations that currently rely on dictation as a key part of their document creation process, the Winscribe digital dictation system delivers a revolution in work management and enables significant cost reductions to be made.

Winscribe is in use by numerous local and central government departments, where it provides access to anywhere, anytime document creation, with telephone, PC, Internet, handheld recorder and PDA dictation.

The ultimate purpose of Government agencies is to deliver the best possible service to citizens. With Winscribe the manageability of workflow is improved for officers and typists. Officers are able to view the status of their work in a job queue and typists have greater control over their workload, which results in more efficient task management and improved service to citizens.

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